A recent project of mine involved testing IPfix Netflow on a Juniper PTX10002 while running 100Gb of throughput with hundreds of thousands routes running through iBGP/eBGP.

To test IPfix, NFSEN was requested by the customer as that's what they run in production.


Use the sudo user
sudo -i

Update ubuntu:

apt-get update
apt autoremove

Create and navidate to a new folder:
mkdir ~/nfsen && cd ~/nfsen

Download the required files:

wget https://bit.ly/2NpMHqV
wget https://github.com/phaag/nfdump/archive/v1.6.17.tar.gz

Extract the files:

tar zxfv 2NpMHqV
tar xzfv v1.6.17.tar.gz

Install Dependencies

apt install make gcc flex rrdtool librrd-dev libpcap-dev php librrds-perl libsocket6-perl apache2 libapache2-mod-php7.0 libtool dh-autoreconf pkg-config libbz2-dev byacc doxygen graphviz

Make sure the right version of PHP is being used:
a2enmod php7.0

Fix problem with displaying icons in nfsen:
vi /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/alias.conf
and comment out line: 'Alias /icons/ "/usr/share/apache2/icons/"

Prepare nfdump for compilation:

cd nfdump-1.6.17/
sh ./autogen.sh
./configure --enable-nsel --enable-nfprofile --enable-sflow --enable-readpcap --enable-nfpcapd

Compile nfdump:

Install nfdump:
make install
(it may be necessary to run /sbin/ldconfig or ldconfig as root after the installation)

Install nfsen dependencies:
cpan App::cpanminus

Install nfsen dependencies:
cpanm Mail::Header

Install nfsen dependencies:
cpanm Mail::Internet

Check the nfdump version:
nfdump -V

Configure nfsen:

cd ../nfsen-1.3.6p1
vi ./etc/nfsen-dist.conf

Add user used by nfsen:
useradd -M -s /bin/false -G www-data netflow

Create nfsen base directory:
mkdir -p /data/nfsen

Install nfsen:
./install.pl ./etc/nfsen-dist.conf

If there is a version mismatch change this:
vi libexec/NfSenRRD.pm
Change from 1.5 t0 1.6

Point default Apache site to nfsen.php file:
vi /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf
DocumentRoot /var/www/nfsen
DirectoryIndex nfsen.php

Start nfsen service:
/data/nfsen/bin/nfsen start

Restart Apache:
service apache2 restart

Browse to:

To make nfsen reboot proof:
ln -s /data/nfsen/bin/nfsen /etc/init.d/nfsen
update-rc.d nfsen defaults 20